Saturday, March 21, 2015

New Vocal Explorations

I invite you to discover  my new vocal &sound explorations Soulhandlips and Roselight are inspired by verses written by the talented artist and poet  Elizabeth Hayes Christopher .

Mirroring is a wordless  a cappella orchestral  piece 

 "Words  sounds become like sculptural  elements and you don't need your logic mind  to  analyze this  experience "


Soulhandlips Vocal exploration 

"In the wake of alone 
Portrait Emmanuel Bovet 
mind deep without bottom

swimming toward fallen
straws through fingers
love poems swirl 
moonbeams searching 
sustenance in spilled paint



collecting rocks in yesterday
river curves hide tomorrow’s today

magnetic pull of us
warm with life
beneath glistening night 
familiar and magical

uncharted void brims with promise
our hands gather ranunculus 
scent of horses in sun’s breeze
wings of Rano Raraku
we feel

the touch before we touch."

Rose Light Vocal 

"soft sunset spirits
between worlds
touch clouds 

rose light"…

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