Artist statement

"I make Neo Classical vocal music:contemporary melodies inspired by ancient music including medieval plain chant,  Elizabethan poetry, and other extra European sounds 
My songs drive us into a cosmopolitan space and time, somewhere at the crossroad of the other languages, I am an anonymous dreamer, exploring and often going back up the course of time, to collect an imaginary language. I have developed a singing technique over many years and I interpret ancient material in a way that it affects me personally.
I think vocal music is a sort of epic in which the performer, like a modern troubadour, travels around the open world to dig deeper into human expression.

Throughout my solo pieces and collaborative recording and performing projects, I work to pave a path for "Polyglot sonic space."drawing global and historical influence not bound my time or modes,  Whether improvised or determined, I never see the classical as  pure classicism or the recitative as  straight recitation.  I am not locked in traditional forms  , I am focused on cutting-edge  virtual production  standards and blending technique to create contemporary soundscapes.

For instance, My album Skana (2009)  has been entirely produced and composed in cyber space with American composer Charles B Kim. The staging of the live performance /work in progress  Skana and More 
( featured at Galapagos in NY in Sept, 2011 ) followed the same cyber co-creative process relying on web and e mails with the choreographer and lighting designer of this project. 
Despite the music and lyrics having grounding in the past, the production and concept are a very 21st century endeavor, originating from, and expanding to, the co-creation across the time zones, land and ocean.

My aim is ultimately to lead the audience into a realm of  timeless landscapes. I hope that the work coming out of this approach can contribute to awareness of "re-interpretation" from foreign components and to develop a global vision rooted in time, while projecting and constructing a future artistic language that everyone will feel, if not intellectually or consciously “understand”.