Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Skana and More live in NYC at Galapagos Sept 27, 2011

Muriel Louveau s performance "Skana and More" is an extended show,combining live vocals, music and dance.with surreal, watery lighting atmospheres. Muriel will perform songs of "Skana ", an album entirely produced in cyber space with american composer Charles B Kim, and other selected pieces. All are in foreign languages inspired by far-off lands, and coming from liturgical as well as poetic sources.

For this new version, Emily Pope Blackman joins Muriel to create dance works in response to her singing. Her solo will echoe to the variable tones reflected in Louveau's voice contrasting between strength and fragility, highlighting delicate rhythms as well as sustained fluidity.


Salve Regina 



Kyrié Eleison

Kyrié Eleison

Et la mer

 Skana and More Team 

Music Muriel Louveau & Charles   Kim performed by Muriel  Louveau
Dance and choreography Emily Pope Blackman
Sound design Shyamal Maitra
Lighting design Dale Knoth


Kyrié Eleison edit Live

                                                                       Ichos Live

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                                                      Skana and More Diaporama

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